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1938 DKW NZ350 Is a Custom Dream Bike

When great creative minds meet vintage motorcycles under the "supervision" of trained design skills, the resulting machines are usually so cool that it almost hurts. And the customized 1938 DKW NZ350 from Russian aerospace designer Vasiliy Arkhipov could not be a better proof.
Custom 1938 DKW NZ350 9 photos
Custom 1938 DKW NZ350Custom 1938 DKW NZ350Custom 1938 DKW NZ350Custom 1938 DKW NZ350Custom 1938 DKW NZ350Custom 1938 DKW NZ350Custom 1938 DKW NZ350Custom 1938 DKW NZ350
With more than 7 years in the automotive industry and now a carbon fiber specialist for the aerospace industry, Vasiliy Arkhipov ventured far to create this stunning bike. The design plans of the old German DKW motorcycles have been “borrowed” by the Russian authorities back in 1945 and were later the basis for creating the IZH350 “original Russian” motorbike. In fact the “new” IZH350, which was also the first production motorcycle in Russia was nothing but a replica of the NZ350 DKW machine, only not as nice.

One of Vasiliy's friends had an 1938 DWK NZ350 in terribly poor condition, loaded up with numerous IZH parts and being a rather scrapyard-level bike. But as Vasiliy knew the history of the DKW units, he decided to restore the bike beyond its former glory.

Technically there are rather few original parts belonging to the old DKW, especially as the very frame needed heavy modifications to accommodate the Yamaha Diversion engine which moves it around today. Wheels and brakes came from an R6 and custom carbon fiber elements, such as fenders and number plate holder have been created.

The seat remained on the vintage side ans sports new shiny springs, while the battery and other electrical systems went inside a retro leather bag under the seat. The most striking detail of this stunning project is the way carburetor diffusers go up through the very fuel tank. Now, that's one thing we didn't see coming and makes Vasiliy Arkhipov's custom 1938 DKW NZ350 stand from the crowd.

Via Pipeburn.


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