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1,150 HP VW Golf 3 with R32 Turbo Engine Swap Pulls Insane 8.7s Quarter Mile Pass

When you see this 3rd generation VW Golf, the word “sleeper” will be among the last that pop in your head. With the exhaust cutout in the passenger’s side front fender and a parachute strapped to its back, this one is clearly a monster.
1,150 HP VW Golf 3 with R32 Turbo Engine Swap quarter mile pass 1 photo
However, nothing can prepare you for the true potential of this German-built, German-modified hatchback. For one thing, the hood conceals an engine that delivers no less than 1,150 HP.

As a result, the machine can pull staggering quarter mile runs. For instance, the vehicle has recently been unleashed on the Santa Pod Raceway in the UK, managing to pull an 8.7s run. To put things into perspective, we’ll tell you that’s enough to leave most cars with a number plate behind, even if we are talking about drag strip competitors.

All that power comes from an R32 engine swap, one that has a monster turbo attached to it. In fact, the six-cylinder mill delivers even more horsepower than mentioned above.

SPB Racing, the German tuner that built the car, strapped it to a dyno before heading out to the drag strip challenge. The results were something that would put a huge smile on any petrolhead's face. And keep it there for the rest of the day - 1,238 hp and 1,235 Nm (911 lb-ft).

Oh and you shouldn’t worry about the launches. A 4Motion system, which was upgraded to face the wave of torque, was installed on this car. And yes, now it delivers the hood-shaking kind of starts.

Sure, this is one impressive feat, but we’d like to see this Golf Mk3 going head to head with Boba Motoring’s Mk1. For those of you who have just raised an eyebrow, here’s a story that will let you know all about the latter.

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