1,000 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat Gets High On Nitrous, Snaps a Half Axle

There are tons of Hellcat owners for whom the 707-pony factory output isn't nearly enough. One such example comes from the Challenger in the video below, which also shows the risks associated with giving your supercharged Mopar machine a steroid treatment.
1,000 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat snaps a rear axle 5 photos
1,000 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat snaps a half axle1,000 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat snaps a half axle1,000 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat snaps a half axle1,000 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat snaps a half axle
We're dealing with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat that has been pushed all the way to 1,000 hp. For one thing, the footage at the bottom of the page allows us to see the beast purging its nitrous before a race.

As the Dodge sprints towards the quarter-mile horizon, the thing snaps a half axle, with the drivetrain failing under the monstrous assault of the engine. Oh, and let's not forget that the overly grippy surface of the drag strip also puts extra strain on components such as the one that failed.

Speaking of which, turning to strengthened drivetrain components doesn't always mean you're safe. For example, we'll remind you of the time when a tuned Hellcat destroyed its carbon fiber driveshaft during a drag strip adventure. It's worth mentioning that the said muscle coupe had been tuned to 900 hp.

As anybody familiar with the Hellcat badge is aware, the factory-blown 6.2-liter V8 doesn't need too much aftermarket attention to deliver a hefty muscle increase.

So, what does this mean? Well, for one thing, we can use the untapped potential of the supercharged HEMI as a hint for the extra oomph of the upcoming Challenger SRT Demon. So far, we've been treated with teasers and traffic sightings of the widebody muscle machine, with the official release being scheduled for the New York Auto Show in April.

The wild side of the rumor mill talks about an 850 hp output, but we're taking that with a grain of salt for now. Does the extra muscle of the Demon mean that owners will steer clear of the tuning market? Probably not.

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