2024 Lexus ES Photos, engines & full specs

Segment: Medium Premium
Infotainment: Apple CarPlay icon Apple CarPlay   Android Auto icon Android Auto  
Production years: 2023, 2024

LEXUS ES 2023-Present 45 Photos
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Lexus refreshed its best-selling model, the ES, in 2023 for the 2024 model year, and, along with some new wheels and minor exterior updates, it also drastically improved the interior and drivetrain.

The ES shared its platform with the Camry and the Avalon. In 2018, the Japanese premium automaker introduced the seventh generation of the ES, and even though it shared its underpinnings with the other two sedans from Toyota, it came with different settings that made it feel sportier. In addition, the standard 18" light-alloy wheels for the base trim level and the 19" ones for the upper ones gave the car a distinct, sporty look. In addition, for the 2024 model year, the ES offered standard Bi-LED headlamps.

But the most significant change was inside the vehicle, where Lexus improved the cabin after it listened to its customers. It took too many years for the automaker to understand that the touchpad was a pain for most users and was mostly useless while driving. By removing it, it cleared the area and made room for a pair of cup holders for both front occupants. At the lower side of the center stack, the automaker placed the HVAC controls, including those for the heated steering wheel and the cooled and warmed seats. Above it, Lexus placed the sound system that was also available with a 17 speakers Mark Levinson option. Furthermore, the infotainment unit featured a 12.3" touchscreen placed atop the center stack and provided wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Fortunately, the Japanese premium automaker kept the turning knob for the volume, even though it ditched the CD player from the sound system.

The driver could enjoy the digital dashboard and also the head-up display. In addition, Lexus tried to pamper its users and offered an option for wood trims on the steering wheel. Thanks to the vehicle's long wheelbase, the automaker could provide enough legroom for passengers seated in the back. Thus, the ES proved to be not just an excellent executive vehicle but also a great family car.

Lexus offered the 2024 ES with a choice of gasoline engines. The base model offered a decent, fuel-efficient 2.5-liter inline-four that sent the power in all corners via an electronically controlled AWD system. The most powerful version offered customers a 3.5-liter V6 which sent all of its ponies exclusively to the front wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox. For those looking for an electrified vehicle, Lexus offered the choice of a 2.5-liter inline-four unit that ran in the Atkinson cycle and was helped by a high-density electric motor. Unfortunately, due to the li-ion battery pack placed under the rear seats, this version was available with just a front-wheel drive option. But it was an excellent choice for those living in areas where snow never comes.

press release
LEXUS ES 2023, 2024
  2 gasoline engines
  • 250 8AT AWD (203 HP)
  • 350 V6 8AT FWD (306 HP)
  1 hybrid gasoline engine
  • 300h e-CVT FWD (215 HP)

250 8AT AWD (203 HP)


350 V6 8AT FWD (306 HP)

ENGINE SPECS - 350 V6 8AT FWD (306 HP)
Displacement:3456 cm3
Power:225.1 KW @ 6600 RPM
306 HP @ 6600 RPM
302 BHP @ 6600 RPM
Torque:267 lb-ft @ 4700 RPM
362 Nm @ 4700 RPM
Fuel System:Multipoint Injection Naturally aspirated
Fuel capacity:15.9 gallons (60.2 L)
Drive Type:Front Wheel Drive
Gearbox:8-speed automatic DCT
Front:Ventilated Discs

300h e-CVT FWD (215 HP)

ENGINE SPECS - 300h e-CVT FWD (215 HP)
Fuel:Hybrid Gasoline
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