2024 Geely Galaxy L6 Photos, engines & full specs

Segment: Compact
Production years: 2023, 2024

GEELY Galaxy L6 2023-Present 8 Photos
GEELY Galaxy L6 (2023-Present)GEELY Galaxy L6 (2023-Present)GEELY Galaxy L6 (2023-Present)GEELY Galaxy L6 (2023-Present)GEELY Galaxy L6 (2023-Present)GEELY Galaxy L6 (2023-Present)GEELY Galaxy L6 (2023-Present)GEELY Galaxy L6 (2023-Present)

The Chinese automaker Geely worked hard to develop the Galaxy L6, which became one of its most important products on the market. Despite being released during the electric-car revolution, this model was powered by internal combustion engines. Still, it offered more than enough features and amenities to be attractive to mid-level executives for both company and family use.

While other automakers tried to change their design language, Geely followed the former bio-design styling but improved as much as it could. That was noticeable on the Galaxy L6, which was penned with waved shapes and curved lines on the car's bodywork. At the front, the automaker installed a slim light strip that crossed the car's width and emerged into the headlights and the lower-mounted daytime running lights. On the lower bumper, the automaker installed a trapezoidal-shaped air intake that helped to cool the engine, flanked by side scoops that mimicked vents. From its profile, the Galaxy L6 showed a crossover stance with tall door panels and narrow windows. The curved roof line ended at the back by a sloped rear windscreen. Despite the car's overall shape, it wasn't a hatchback but a three-box sedan with a short and sloped down deck. The taillights mounted on the rear fascia boasted dynamic lights for brakes and turn signals. To further create a luxury image, the automaker installed a pair of fake chromed exhausts at the lower part of the bumper. For a sportier look, customers could order the car with either 18 or 19" light alloy wheels.

Inside, Geely created a spacious cabin fitted with high-quality materials in the main areas and cheaper ones for the hidden ones. The hexagonal-shaped steering wheel looked slightly unusual but provided enough grip for the driver thanks to its thick crown. The automaker created the Galaxy L6 with a completely digital dashboard, with a TFT fronting the driver and a touchscreen placed atop the center stack. Between the front seats, the automaker placed a tall center console that featured a few storage places, including a wireless charger for mobile phones just underneath the armrest.

In the back, there was enough room for three adults seated on the 60/40 split-folding bench. On the upper trim levels, the Galaxy L6 boasted a leather-wrapped interior and a panoramic roof.

Geely built the Galaxy L6 on the same e-CMA platform used for the Galaxy L7. Power came from a PHEV system. The gasoline unit was a 163 PS (161 HP) 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that was helped by a 146 PS (144 HP) electric motor for a total of 390 PS (385 HP). The carmaker offered an options for two lithium-ion battery packs of 9.11 kWh or 19.1 kWh for an all-electric range that varied between 48 and 105 km (30 – 65 miles), respectively.

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GEELY Galaxy L6 2023, 2024

Information about this model's engines has not been yet made public, but we will add it as soon as the car is launched or more data becomes available