Body style: Convertible (spider/spyder, cabrio/cabriolet, drop/open/soft top)
Segment: Exotic
Production years: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

BENTLEY Azure T 2008-2011 24 Photos
BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)BENTLEY Azure T (2008-2011)

Stylish and extremely powerful. That’s what the Azure T was all about. The massive car was among the most elegant convertibles ever produced.

The Azure T was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, a convertible sporting the legendary 6.75-liter V8 engine developing 500 hp. It was the engine Bentley used produced for over half a century and kept improving it. The engine was mated to a 6-speed ZF automatic transmission and allowed the drive to switch between three transmission modes: Drive, Sport and Manual.

Buyers could opt for more performant brakes, a package that included huge ventilated carbon discs an eight piston calipers.

Despite its massive look, the Azure T was able to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in only 5.2 seconds and had a top speed of 288 kph.

The Azure T had 20-inch 5-spoke wheels, a dual exhaust and no less than 42 exterior colors to choose from.

The car sported adaptive electro-hydraulic dampers to soften or firm depending on the road conditions.

The four-seater convertible was offered in a single trim level. The Standard level included xenon headlights, tri-zone climate control, a DVD navigation system and front and rear parking sensors. 20-inch alloys were offered optionally.

The safety equipment the Azure T was offered included front, rear and side airbags, antilock brakes, stability control and both front and rear parking sensors.

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BENTLEY Azure T 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  1 gasoline engine
  • 6.8 V8 6AT (507 HP)
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BENTLEY Azure T Brochure

6.8 V8 6AT (507 HP)

ENGINE SPECS - 6.8 V8 6AT (507 HP)
Displacement:6761 cm3
Power:372.9 KW @ 4200 RPM
507 HP @ 4200 RPM
500 BHP @ 4200 RPM
Torque:738 lb-ft @ 3200 RPM
1001 Nm @ 3200 RPM
Fuel System:Turbocharged Multipoint Injection
Top Speed:179 mph (288 km/h)
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph):5.2 s
Drive Type:Rear Wheel Drive
Gearbox:6-speed automatic
Front:Ventilated Discs
Rear:Ventilated Discs
Tire Size:255/45R19
Length:213 in (5410 mm)
Width:74.8 in (1900 mm)
Height:58.7 in (1491 mm)
Front/rear Track:63.3/63.3 in (1,608/1,608 mm)
Wheelbase:122.7 in (3117 mm)
Ground Clearance:5.5 in (140 mm)
Cargo Volume:13.2 cuFT (374 L)
Aerodynamics (Cd):0.36
Unladen Weight:5941 lbs (2695 kg)
Gross Weight Limit:6757 lbs (3065 kg)
City:8.16 mpg US (28.8 L/100Km)
Highway:16.6 mpg US (14.2 L/100Km)
Combined:12 mpg US (19.6 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions:465 g/km
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