VOLVO S90 Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 3
First production year: 1997
Engines: Diesel, Gasoline, Hybrid
VOLVO S90 photo gallery

The Swedish company introduced a newly refreshed S90 at the beginning of 2020. The main feature introduced by Volvo's flagship vehicle is a mild-hybrid system, which is now available on every engine version.

From the outside, the S90 facelift has minor upgrades, visible on the front and rear bumpers and fog lights. Maybe some of the most important exterior upgrades are the taillights, with a new LED signature.

On the inside, the Volvo S90 was known for its special audio system signed by Bower&Wilkins, which replicates the sound experience from the Gothenborg concert hall. Also, for better occupant comfort, Volvo installed a new air-cleaner system, with a special PM 2.5 particle sensor, to decrease the amount of particles absorbed inside the cabin.

For the engine compartment, Volvo has installed the same 2.0 liter turbo engine with gasoline as before, but offered with different power levels. The base model is called the T6, has 316 hp and and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque. Also, there is a plug-in hybrid version called the T8, which offers a total power output of 392hp and 640 Nm (472 lb-ft) of torque.

For the transmission, the S90 is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission for the entire range. Since Sweden is a typical snowy country, the S90 is also offered with an all-wheel-drive system, but only for the top-spec version T8.

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VOLVO S90 photo gallery

After a long absence from the large luxury sedan market, a brand new Volvo S90 showed up in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2015. Apart from the exquisite design and extensive use of LED strips, the new S90 is equipped with a host of new features & technologies, from cutting edge safety to cloud-based apps and services. For example, the car comes with Pilot Assist, a semi-autonomous system that gives gentle steering and keeps the car within the lane markings up to speeds of 130 km/h without the need to follow a car up front.

The S90 also comes with a new feature included in the City Safety pack, namely a function able to detect large animals and apply the brakes in an emergency to avoid collision. Mechanically, the luxury sedan is powered by a clean T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain along with the T6, D5 and D4 standard gasoline and diesel units.

The S90 competed with the BMW 5 Series and the Jaguar XF, however, the S90 was bigger, a fact that ensured a roomier cabin and mostly leg room for the rear passengers. The seats were extremely comfortable, all wrapped up with leather upholstery offered as standard. Standard equipment included more than enough features, such as an 8-speed automatic transmission, keyless start, auto hold, Pilot Assist, rear parking sensors, alloy wheels, a 9-inch touchscreen, navigation, cruise control, heated front seats, City Safety and many more.

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VOLVO S90 photo gallery

Volvo was founded in 1927 having in mind the concept of safety. The first Volvo car to leave the assembly line was the Volvo OV 4, back in 1927. The S90 (along with the V90) presented in 1997 were re-badged and refreshed versions of the older Volvo 960, and carried over that attention to safety.

The letters S, C and V present in the nomenclature were used with a purpose, with the S coming from sedans, V from versatility and C from coupes. No major changes were brought to the table as the manufacturer's purpose was to align these models with the new nomenclature strategy already applied for Volvo S40 and V40. The differences consisted of new colors for both interior and exterior.

The S90 was available as a 4-door Sedan, while the V90 was a 5-door station wagon. The car was driven by a 6-cylinder in-line DOHC unit with either a 2,473 cc or a 2,922 cc displacement, paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The S90 was offered in SE and Royal variants (long wheel-base). Its peak power was 150 kW, with a peak torque of 267 Nm at 4300 rpm.

Safety wise, the car had dual front airbags, front side airbags, ABS and front seatbelt pretensioners.

The standard features for the Volvo S90 SE included lots of goodies: climate control AC, leather seats, cruise control, leather-wrapped steering wheel, power windows and mirrors, power sunroof and 16-inch alloy wheels.

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