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ZAZ "Trucks" Epic Splits from Belarus

With well over 50 million views on the original copy of the video and lots more on clones, Van Damme's epic splits between two reversing Volvo trucks is without a doubt the viral video of the moment.
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But it looks like Jean-Claude isn't the only guy who has honed his body to perfection. Parodies of the stunt have been popping out all over Youtube like mushrooms after a Spring shower, and this one is very good.

Evgeny Yakush is the guy who accepted the challenge of putting out loose pants and doing the splits between two vehicles driving in reverse. Yakush is cool as winter, since he did it bare chested and without any safety kit, between some of the worst cars in the world, ZAZ 965 from the 1960s, copies of Fiat cars. Air-cooled 887cc engines proved a massive 26 horsepower… 50 years ago.

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