Zagato Ferrari FZ93 For Sale

We usually don’t spend our time surfing in search of automotive gems that are out of the ordinary - that’s what we thought eBay was for. Apparently, we were dead-wrong, as an ultra-rare Zagato Ferrari FZ93 has recently surfaced there.

What’s the best time to sell something that bears the Zagato name? Now, as that awesome coachbuilt V12 Aston Martin is drawing all the attention to the long lost art and to the manufacturer of unique automotive contraptions.

The unique and perhaps somewhat controversial Ferrari FZ93 is for sale. Based on the Ferrari 512TR, the FZ93 (Formula Zagato ’93) was unveiled at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show and featured a two-tone paint scheme. Since this color scheme wasn’t a great success Zagato repainted the entire thing red.

The pictures we are showing you are really interesting, but the FZ93 is still one of the ugliest Prancing Horses ever seen. It was penned by Ercole Spada, a prolific Zagato designer that has tens of one-offs and production vehicles under his belt.

Other notable designs made by him include the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, Alfa Romeo 155 and the remarkable Spada Vetture Sport which was on display at Top Marques. The Ferrari Enzo has some design features inherited from the FZ93, for example notice the shape of both Enzo and FZ93′s F1 styled nose.

We can’t tell you much about the seller of this particular one-off, except for the fact that he is from Italy and is asking a full €1,000,000 (about $1,420,000). This unique piece of automotive history has covered only 700 km (435 miles) and looks to be in excellent condition. If you think this is the car for you, than head over to and buy it.
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