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YouTuber Salomondrin Buys McLaren 675LT After Taking Delivery Of a Porsche 911 R

Some YouTubers' garages are more loaded than others and we're here to show you the latest four-wheeled beasts that landed in vlogger Salomondrin's hands, a McLaren 675 Longtail.
Salomondrin's McLaren 675LT 4 photos
Salomondrin's McLaren 675LTSalomondrin's McLaren 675LTSalomondrin's McLaren 675LT
Last time we talked about Alejandro, the man took delivery of his 911 R - having ordered a 918 Spyder, he was one of the lucky few who were given the opportunity to grab a three-pedal Neunelfer.

Well, the guy went to check out his 675LT in the stick shift Neunelfer, as he calls the R "a gentleman's car". Unlike Shmee150, another YouTuber who grabbed a 675 Longtail (the Brit actually had a 675 coupe and now drives a Spider incarnation of the ground-to-ground missile), Salomondrin didn't get to spec his Woking weapon.

In fact, this Longtail wasn't new when Salomondrin bought it, even though he hasn't disclosed the mileage of the thing.

The supercar comes with a strong MSO (Mclaren Special Operations) flavor, packing plenty of optional goodies. For instance, the guy explains that the carbon fiber options on the car are worth around $100,000.

Since we mentioned MSO's name, we have to explain we're pretty sure Salomondrin is willing to get his hands on future limited edition models like the MSO HS, but, as in Shmee's case, he couldn't order one for now.

This is one of those YouTuber clips that sees cars flying everywhere and we mean that in a people-getting-cars manner. Aside from the Macca job we discussed above, this piece of footage also sees a viewer winning an E46 BMW 3 Series.

As such, some of you might wonder how Salomondrin manages to sustain his automotive activities. This is why we added the second video at the bottom of the page, one that sees the YouTuber explaining how he earns his living. And from this point on, we'll leave the YT speculations take over...

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