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You’re Never Going to Leave on a World Road Trip and Here’s Why

Ever since Volkswagen created its first Bus with the split windshield, back in the ‘50s, living on the road was a dream generations of motorists would have. Nowadays things have come to a professional level, with everything from “how to transform your Sprinter in a house” to “how to make money while living on the road” listed online. Some people even build their own house on wheels and then hit the road. I say you should stop the bull and dream of something else until it’s too late.
Heck, I’m sick of seeing all these people turning an average road trip in some sort of a bible of the few out there who still have the courage to live for a change. You know what, if it’s that good, if you’re so happy with the two-year journey trip, how come you need the urge to keep hourly updates of every single step?

I believe only a few are actual travelers, adventurers who most likely will still be on the road when your daughter will marry that ugly and lazy boyfriend she’s been dating for the last 3 years. And you know what? I bet there’s not even a gram of gypsy running in you veins. Did I succeed in trying to annoy you? Good. It means I now have your attention
Let’s assume you’re in fact a handy craftsman who loves building stuff in the little spare time he has. Yet how come that tree house you’re supposed to have finished a year ago is still looking like a ghost home? Yep, it’s the lack of time, we know. Sure, there’s also that football match or that fight your fellows are coming by to watch, so maybe tomorrow.

Just so you know, it took this couple 1,000 hours of labor, more than 6,500 nails, 8,000 screws and about $29,328 to build a proper house they could actually live in on a long term. And get this, it’s not really what you call an average home. The tiny wooden-house could easily compete for the tiniest in the world, since it’s 20’ long, 13’5’’ high and 7’4’’ wide. Imagine living here. Not that fun anymore, is it? “Why not simply turn an older van or even a bus in a home? That would work”
Some of our readers might say that I’m just a lazy, spoiled fellow who’s too dependent to a settled kind of lifestyle. Others might accuse me of wanting to remain close to all the advantages the urban nightlife offers. And then the few of you gentlemen (and gentlewomen) will say that you don’t have to live in a cramped vehicle. Why not transform a school bus in a home on wheels, you'll ask.

Well, we have met some road trippers actually doing that. The first that instantly pops in my mind is that American couple that literally moved in a 1993 Ford School Bus. We found a video with this gorgeous blond detailing the vehicle and talking about how the two have changed its interior.

Watching the footage might tickle the dormant traveler inside, but a couple of hours later you’ll find yourself wondering if living in a school bus is what all those years of studying and working countless overtime hours were for. Is this really what your dream of sitting on an exotic beach in Seychelle Islands turned into all of the sudden? "What if I’m a true adventurer and I’d experiment living in a camper for six months somewhere in the woods?"
Yep, this could work. It might just work. Assuming that you actually know how to recondition an old camper and turn it into a safe and comfortable home.

That is what a young adventurer named Cud Eastbound did this summer when he decided to make one last stop with his old 1977 Dodge Camper van, in Dawson City Yukon. His plan was to spend the entire winter there, a place where temperatures sometimes go as low as -31 degrees Celsius (-24 degrees Fahrenheit).

The fellow is constantly improving his van or at least that was the case last time we checked out his blog. Up to that point Cud managed to build a wood stove inside, cover the entire vehicle in straw bales for heat and even got a Carbon Monoxide detector inside the car.

How does this sound? Switching from the heat of your 80 sq ft living room to a 16 sq ft metal box? Spending most of the days by yourself, surrounded by the craziest wild animals growls. Not that fun-fun anymore, is it? "What if I’m buying a new RV with all the proper enhancements?"
Say you are willing to pay the rightful amount of cash to get a fully equipped Recreational Van. Wrong, you’re most likely not going to... 

If you were to buy a 2015 Phaeton RV for instance, that comes with four flatscreen televisions sets, a bed, two bathrooms, fireplace you’d need about 300 grand just to start the discussion. Sure, this is one of the more expensive units on the market.

With about $45,000 you could get an instant mobile house Twin Peak and the prices are similar for new Cruiser RVs. These are just some examples, we’re sure there are tons of others, some cheaper, some more expensive. You'll most likely prove me wrong in the comments.Is there a true road tripper sleeping deep inside you? Then, wake him up!
Let’s say that you’re more than just a corporate employee who spends more time trekking the local woods than dropping ketchup on his shirt while eating that hamburger in front of the computer. Let’s assume your biggest plan for this year is not selling the Prius to buy a Tesla Model S. Let us just act like you are not that guy who cleans up the studio you and your girlfriend are living in, not that guy who does groceries every weekend, not that person who's never late at work.

Instead you are that "criminal" who finally takes that Sabbath year and travels around South America for six months. Well, if you really are that person, why are you still reading this?

PS: the folks in the picture are Emil and Lilian Schmid. One day Emil went to his wife and said he wants to travel for some time and he’d like her to join him in what could be a an adventure worth going through. It was 1984 when they left their home and after 430,000 miles and 180 countries they are still going. They are currently in South Africa...again!


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