You Have 2 Days Left to Buy the World’s Most Affordable eBike

Storm eBike 1 photo
Photo: Storm eBike on Indiegogo
Having similar rigs a dirt bike would come with, the Storm eBike is powered by a 350W motor that is able to reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. But the real catch is not coming from its performance, nor is it about looks. The big deal is that for another two days you can get it for $500, which makes this electric two-wheeler possibly the most affordable one currently on the market.
It’s the creation of a company based in Malibu, California that had it’s project backed by a IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign. And it seems people quite appreciated the idea since it raised almost $2 million, even though it has 28 days left and it’s initial goal was $75,000.

But what makes it that special? Well, let us look closer.

The Storm eBike is powered by quite a big motor, which makes it able to go fast. The maximum range of 50 miles is also impressive, especially that it only takes 90 minutes to get those Lithium- ion battery charged. It only weighs about 45 lbs (20kg), and can go on basically any terrain thanks to its big wheels.

And get this, if you feel like your life is too busy to waste 90 minutes on charging the battery, you could always buy a spare one that you can simply swap. Just plug both in over night, when electricity is cheaper and you sleep anyway.

Like any other eBike, if you feel like working out and saving some e-juice off the battery you can always start pedaling to keep the wheels spinning.

The Storm eBike’s creators offer backers the chance to get one for $500 if they pledge for it until February 6th. It’s not quite clear what exactly happens after that, but we’re pretty sure the bike still remains one of the cheapest on the market.

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