You Don't Need a Lamborghini to Make a Ridiculously Reckless Overtake

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Photo: YouTube screenshot
unbelievably reckless overtakeunbelievably reckless overtakeunbelievably reckless overtakeunbelievably reckless overtake
If the title seems somewhat vague, absurd, arbitrary or out of context, it's because you're not familiar with this hero from Singapore. The 45-year-old Lambo owner made sure his car's hundreds of horsepower successfully got him arrested one night.
The whole incident was filmed by the dashcam of one car. Seeing the Lambo approaching at high speed, the driver moves from the middle lane into the first lane. The small van traveling in front of him, however, doesn't have time to react so it remains pinned there.

Instead of using the third lane which was clear as a whistle, the Lambo driver decided it would be more fun to squeeze through the two cars, even though it left him with no more than two feet of clearance. All while driving at least twice the speed of the other drivers.

Those inside the car can be heard expressing their disbelief at his maneuver, and some of them even resort to the good old "oh my God!" And oh my God is correct as that move got the Lambo Huracan driver arrested for reckless driving. Some might even call that attempted murder.

Well, this video here proves you don't need a Lamborghini, a highway or a trip to Singapore to witness something eerily similar. This time we're looking at a Volkswagen Fox going down a country road somewhere in the Czech Republic. Ahead of an intersection, a lane for turning left appears and, guess what, it's taken by a black Skoda Octavia that wants to go left.

The Fox is having none of that and sees it as a good opportunity to overtake the white Skoda Fabia driving in the first lane - and the only one that allows traveling forward. Ten meters or so from impact with the black Skoda, the two cars - the Fox and the Fabia - are level.

You'd think there's no way in hell that tiny Volkswagen has the time or the space to pull this off, and by normal standards, you'd be right. If you were to think in microns, however, you'd be wrong. The small red hatch goes through, and how everyone escaped unharmed is nothing short of a miracle. Good driving skills? No way, a good driver would never put them and everybody else in such a precarious situation. The only thing that exceeded that man's stupidity was his luck.

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