Yay or Nay: Lexus LS 460 on Swirling Spokes Rims

Here’s a topic for your OCD side - swirling spokes on cars, or as they are also known among tuners, directional rims. Yeah, they might be cool, but if they are not symmetrical you might think they look stupid.
Lexus LS 460 on Modular wheels 1 photo
And by symmetrical we mean that the spokes on each side of the car should point the same direction. Tuners now started to understand people with obsessive compulsive disorders and created symmetrical directional alloys, but back in the day, most cars that came from factory with these sort of rims had the same un-mirrored wheel design on both sides.

Which makes it look a bit ridiculous, especially because this screams cost reduction; why making a whole new mold or program a machine to cut the metal the opposite way when you can fit the same design on both sides?

Luckily, aftermarket wheel makers are not doing that and almost each one of them now offer at least two directional rims models. But still, should you choose them?

Well, this depends on your own taste, but keep in mind the fact that rims play a very important role in the overall appearance of your ride. You might think that a set of VIP Modular VR15 look good on a big Lexus LS 460, but in fact their ‘skinny’ design make the car look unstable, like its weight migh crush or further bend those spokes...


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