Yamaha Reveals "Build My Own" Customizing Online Platform

Customers who plan to buy a Yamaha side-by-side or ATV now have a new shopping tool at their disposal, called "Build My Own." The new service is available online and helps customers visualize how their vehicles look when equipped with certain genuine accessories.
Yamaha Build My Own 1 photo
Frankly, we believe that all manufacturers who offer a range of genuine parts and accessories to be installed on their base vehicles could do well and put up such platforms.

The virtual vehicle, in both base trims and accessorized, is in fact a good incentive, offering customers the possibility to know what to expect from their ride before they actually see it in the flesh.

So far, Yamaha has only two vehicle categories in the Build My Own program, SxSs and ATVs, but we can expect that the trend will also grow to include all the products. The neo-retro range already has the My Garage app that is available on smartphones and tablets.

What the eyes admire, the heart desires

Offering customers the possibility to see how cool the various add-ons look on their machines is a very strong selling point. Even more, being able to check out these vehicles without having to travel to the nearest dealer adds to the overall convenience.

Imagine that your nearest dealer doesn't have the model you want to buy, or has it in a color you hate, or doesn't stock the accessories you are interested in. Doesn't sound like the best setup for spending your hard-earned money, does it?

Still, with a mouse click, you are able to see what your fully-equipped machine looks like right from your lap or desk, and even check out how various combinations work for you, including color.

Our bet is that the pre-sale virtual customization is a must for all manufacturers, and we will start seeing more OEMs adding such functionality for their websites, including an increasing number of models in the game. And this is just great!

Follow the link to check out the Yamaha Build My Own online section.


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