Yamaha R1 and R1M Recall Extends to Europe, Things Are Official

Things are definitely not looking good for Yamaha at the end of 2015, as the Japanese OEM will have to recall all the 2015 model year YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M motorcycles sold worldwide.
R1 and R1M recalled worldwide 1 photo
We reported a couple of times about the constructive issues discovered in these bikes' transmissions, and now we have news from Europe, too. The first recall we got news of comes from France, and most likely more countries will announce the same move.

In France, 706 bikes that had already been registered have been recalled with the gearbox problem we mentioned. We are waiting for more reports and for official Yamaha data to clarify two important things: how many machines will have to be recalled worldwide and how Yamaha intends to solve this problem.
R1 and R1M customers are already voicing their discontent
R1 and R1M customers who bought 2015 model year bikes are starting to become quite vocal in the online environment. Most of them say they only put several hundreds of miles astride their bikes until they found out about the massive repairs that must be performed.

The majority complain that the repair is too extensive and fear that their dealers won't be capable of delivering their bikes in "as new" shape. Others are even more startled, understanding that they have been put in grave danger while riding their bikes to the limit.

Certain customers are looking for buyback options from Yamaha, while others declare they would settle with an engine swap instead of replacing the transmission.

Yamaha has not come forth with an official statement regarding this matter, but the house of Iwata is expected to do so soon, possibly before 2015 ends. Either way, they are in a bit of trouble because of the second gear sprocket that could fail, and they should consider themselves lucky if nobody dies or becomes severely injured because of this. Stay tuned!


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