Kawasaki Still Waiting for More Friendly Rules Before Returning to MotoGP

Even though seeing Kawasaki making a move towards MotoGP once more seems like a natural one, it looks like there is much more to it than meets the eye. Akashi is not THAT eager to spend tens of millions on the MotoGP program, and below you can find out why.
Jonathan Rea's bike 1 photo
The last few years saw no less than three more factories returning to MotoGP, with Aprilia and Suzuki in their "new debut" year and with KTM making their best to have the bike ready for the 2017 season.

Obviously, all eyes turn towards Kawasaki, who has been part of the premier class before restraining their road racing efforts to the World Superbike. Still, the Japanese maker is not thrilled with the perspective of making a comeback to the premier class, certainly not in the current conditions.
The biggest obstacle that prevents Kawasaki from fielding a MotoGP team is the way Dorna runs the grid
Kawasaki's Ichiro Yoda has been talking to motorbikemag and expressly told the Spanish media that the costs of running a MotoGP team are currently too high for Akashi. Yoda admitted that the costs of becoming a competitive team in the premier class are too high, and coming back to the series knowing they simply can't do their best is not worth the effort.

Furthermore, Kawasaki is not allowed to return to the MotoGP grid as a full factory outfit and will have to partner with an existing team. Yoda says that the current rules are too restrictive for new manufacturers, and therefore, Kawasaki will postpone their return to MotoGP until things change for the better.

The house of Akashi seems to be enjoying their success in the production-derived series quite a lot, with two world titles won recently, one with Tom Sykes in 2013, and the other this year, with Jonathan Rea. There is money to be won in MotoGP, but this means a huge long-term investment Kawasaki doesn't look willing or capable of making, at least not now, regardless of how much we'd like to see them on the grid.


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