Would You Spend $47,580 on Servicing your BMW 850CSi?

The ‘car’ bug is hard to get rid of. Most of us have it in our blood and we’ll probably die with it but in the meantime we’ll get the chance to make life really hard for those around us. That’s because we usually end up spending all our life’s saving on some old fart of a car that isn’t worth more than a few buck to strangers but means the life to us.
1995 BMW 850CSi 7 photos
Photo: eBay
1995 BMW 850CSi1995 BMW 850CSi1995 BMW 850CSi1995 BMW 850CSi1995 BMW 850CSi1995 BMW 850CSi
It was also the case of one unlucky BMW 8 Series owner that loved his car so much, he invested no less than $47,580 in servicing it over the course of just 37,000 miles. How is that possible?

Well, no matter how much we love the 8 Series, we have to agree that it’s an aging car. Sure, the engine it hides under the bonnet is a jewel, an old-school naturally aspirated 5.6-liter V12 prepped by the M division. Oh, we didn’t tell you? It’s an 850CSi, the one car that was supposed to become an M8 but didn’t.

Sure, keeping up with a V12 might be expensive, especially when compared to today’s cars that have 3-cylinder 1.2-liter engines or, if you’re crazy enough, a 2-liter 4-cylinder one. Even so, we didn’t expect to see the bill grow to over $47k. And yet, that’s exactly what the man is claiming, having all the receipts in one place to prove that he’s not lying.

The car is now up for sale on eBay for the mere price of $38,995. It’s a 1995 model with 73,000 miles on the clock and one of the 225 that ever made it into the US. If you’re not afraid of the costs involved in running it, this sounds like a pretty good deal, especially considering the rarity of the 8 Series.

Furthermore, considering the amount of money that was invested in it over the years this would be one of the few cars available for sale in the US that were properly taken care of. To get an idea of how much was invested in it so far, you should know that the list of expenses goes a little something like this:

  • 36k miles $652.00
  • 38k miles $1,500
  • 42k miles $1,825
  • 43k miles $811
  • 45k miles $4,520
  • 47k miles $913
  • 48k miles $6,700
  • 49k miles $340
  • 51k miles $1,600
  • 52k miles $1,100
  • 59k miles $964
  • 60k miles $760
  • 61k miles $1,588
  • 63k miles $6,600
  • 64k miles $680
  • 63k miles $2,370
  • 65k miles $7,400
  • 66k miles $4,880
  • 67k miles $1,200
  • 69k miles the whole clutch set was replaced for $1,180

If the receipts are all there, this is a car that is worth your attention.
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