What to Look for When Buying a BMW 8 Series

These days, the 8 Series is one of the icons of BMW history than you can buy for as little as EUR5,000 in Europe and a bit more in the US. That might seem like a lot for the unknowing inexperienced new drivers out there that look at it only as a nearly 25-year old car and not as the legendary Coupe Bavaria brought to the world.
BMW E31 8 Series 1 photo
However, there are still some passionate people out there, I just know it. These people are those that can stand behind the design of the 8er even today and know that with age comes experience and class. They would still be interested in buying such a piece, even today.

So, since the 850i was the most popular model out there, we’ll tell what to look for when in the market for one of these V12-powered beasts.

Overall the 850i is a solid piece of machinery. You won’t find rust as being pesky in key areas as well as little to none problems with the transmission. What you really should look out for is the suspension.

The original E31 8 Series had multilink suspension and it was (and still is) a pretty heavy car. That means those joining bits and pieces will be suffering the weight over the years and wear off. It’s recommended you take a look under the car to see how the arms held out over the years and make sure you won’t have to start replacing all kinds of things. If you do have to replace one arm, replace them all, as they will eventually cave in and make you drive to and from a service station every one of two months.

Another thing you should check out is the engine. The V12 is a pretty sturdy unit, built like a tank, but the oil rail that lubricates the camshaft cam malfunction and therefore cause some serious damage. All you have to do is listen to the engine before buying the car and make sure it doesn’t make any weird, loud cam noises that might set you off.

Other than that, you should also check the headlamps to see if they still work and that’s about it. The 8 Series is built like a tank!
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