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World’s First Convertible Motorhome Is a Mercedes-Benz Atego: Skydancer 7.5

You’ve been in an open top double-decker tour bus before, right? Sun, wind in your hair, great visibility, monuments and nice buildings to see; too bad there are 50 more people with you and the bus can’t leave the city. If your wish is to take a country tour in a convertible bus, the only answer for that now is the Skydancer 7.5.
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Skydancer 7.5 convertible motorhomeSkydancer 7.5 convertible motorhomeSkydancer 7.5 convertible motorhome prototypeSkydancer 7.5 convertible motorhome
This year’s Caravan Salon edition held in Germany showcased a rather interesting vehicle - a convertible motorhome. It’s not that luxurious and expensive as those huge ones that can be mistaken with a Dubai hotel room and accommodate a Porsche Boxter in the luggage bay, but it has something unique - a roof that can be opened.

Campervan-manufacturing firm skydancer UG was working on the convertible motorhome project for quite some years and after several prototypes based on smaller vans, the company chose a Mercedes-Benz Atego to build the final version.

To create the Skydancer 7.5, the company took a 195,000 km (121,167 miles) second hand Atego truck, stripped it to a rolling chassis and created a new frame on top which was better suited for a motorhome, or a land-yacht if you wish.

Why a land-yacht? Because its construction kinda resembles with one. The top part can accommodate four passengers (including the driver) to enjoy the sun, wind and great visibility, while the lower deck acts as the living quarters.

It comes with everything else normal motorhomes offer, including a small kitchen and a shower, but our main concern is that it should have a door or net in between the open top area and the deck bellow. Otherwise you’ll end up with bugs in your bed.

Although the Skydancer 7.5 is basically a hand-made fully operational prototype, the company wants to sell it for about €80,000 ($102,800) and if the demand goes up, it may put out a small batch on sale.
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