Who Needs Tires When There's Plenty of Rubber on the Asphalt? Also, Fire

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It's clearly a different culture thing, but while we do enjoy the occasional responsible burnout, we really don't see the fun to be had by engulfing yourself in a cloud of tyre smoke that prevents the spectators from seeing anything anyway.
Still, there's this event called Burnout Mania that was held at the Sydney Dragway in Australia this Monday. If the name isn't eloquent enough, it consists of people driving their modified cars in such a way as to produce the largest amount of smoke, noise and, generally speaking, being as obnoxious as possible.

To be perfectly honest, we have no idea who won or how the contenders are being rated, but this guy with what used to be a Holden Commodore VL sure wins it for us. If not for anything else, it's his dedication that deserves a commendation (pun very much intended).

It all starts in the usual way, with the partly exposed engine revving like crazy and the lungs of those attending getting darker and darker by the seconds. Then strips of rubber start flying in all directions as the car begins to spin while the public's lungs are looking similar to those of an eighty-year-old smoker.

Just as the man gets out of his car to salute the public who can't really see him, the rear of the car catches fire. Two guys with fire extinguishers show up out of nowhere and quickly put it out. But our man is not over yet, even though the tiny rear wheels have no rubber left on them, using just what they can find stuck on the asphalt. And there's plenty of it there.

After that, the rear of the car catches fire repeatedly, up to the point where the bumper starts to melt. Those fire marshalls try their luck a few more times until they finally give up as well.

After four minutes of seeing life through thick smoke, we're struck by how vivid colors can be. And also how utterly destroyed the back of that Commodore is. Was it worth it? Well, as long as nobody in the audience got cancer, then yes, it definitely was.

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