When Things Go Wrong, Hide Your Porsche 911 Where Your Boo Won’t Find It

Call us sexist, but when it comes to a man’s car things tend to go that way. Sure, the Porsche 911 in question may as well belong to a woman, in which case: men, you are pigs, you deserve to be left alone! Leaving all the jokes behind, we all need to understand that the car is not to blame for one's cheating issues.
When Things Go Wrong, Hide Your Porsche 911 Where Your Boo Won’t Find It 1 photo
Photo: Porsche Sauce on Twitter
We have seen such revenge madness before, of course, but it doesn’t mean we can ignore it. The message needs to be spread out; people need to stop mutilating beautiful cars that way. The picture in question comes without further details. We will assume somebody was cheating on someone, which led to the end of a relationship. It’s not just the end of a couple we’re looking at here though, considering there’s not much left of the Porsche either.

It may be an older generation cabriolet, the 996 to be more precisely, but it doesn’t mean the sportscar is not worthy of its owner respect. Judging by the picture, the car is being towed away, which can only mean one thing: it’s going to the scrapyard. Oh, no! Oh, yes!

So here’s what we’re going to do. From now on, we’ll keep our eyes wide open for any similar car vandalism of the sort and make sure to share it with you people. We’re going to have to ask you guys to do the same.

Who knows, if we get a decent bit of examples we may as well write an open letter to the “Cheaters’ Rights Association” and bring this madness to an end once and for all.
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