When The Chemical Brothers Share Your In Car Entertainment “System”

As the automotive industry keeps moving ahead of its time, in-car entertainment systems are getting better, faster, cooler. If the rich people love customizing them at professional tuning shops, the big carmakers are pushing things forward, often turning optional features into the stock ones.
Guy who’s jamming with his mixers, improvising some electronic stuff while driving 1 photo
Photo: Mehdi Ansari on YouTube
But when a four Grammy Awards winner electronic music group shares a video of an amateur DJ getting things going while driving, that means something. A video of an unknown electronic music enthusiast was just shared on The Chemical Brothers’ Facebook account quoting “perfect in car entertainment”.

Why are we writing about this? First, because it’s quite amusing. Second, because it’s also wrong and possibly dangerous. Long story short, there’s this guy who’s jamming with his mixers, improvising some electronic stuff. Problem is that he’s doing that while driving. Sure, it appears he’s in a parking lot, driving really slow and all, but still that doesn’t mean the thing is not mounted on the dashboard. We’re assuming this guy does that all the time not only when he’s parking the car.

Mixing music while driving might not be considered as a felony itself, but it most likely is considered as “reckless driving” which in some states will get you a pretty big fine. Sharing the video sort of means they approve with the guy which again is not really a big deal.

Our point is, however, that this might as well be a proper feature carmakers should thing about. Maybe there should be an in car entertainment system that would turn the passengers in the back (at least) into an actual DJ. That way things would remain under control somehow and nobody would get hurt.

PS: I don't even like what the guy is doing, I'd rather go for any of The Chemical Brothers' songs anytime. What do you guys think?

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