We Sort of Missed This Type of Moronic Crash

We are again in that part of the Internet that is a seemingly neverending source of highly educational videos that should certainly be part of a riding safety course.
Yes, it's tailgate crash, obviously 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Tailgating is already bad enough as a street practice, because of at least two reasons. The first and most obvious one is that it reduces visibility for the rider, especially when behind larger vehicle, while reducing the braking space and time to zero.

Secondly, the road user being followed so closely might feel very uncomfortable, knowing that the rider behind has huge chances to crash into him or her because of the reasons I just mentioned.

Still, it looks like these things, that are common sense in my book, are not exactly obvious to certain riders, and the fellow in this video is the perfect proof. I will not insist on the missing helmet because it looks like protective gear is one of the last concern for the chap.

His riding style is so prone to self-destruction that I am not sure that a helmet would be THAT useful in his case. Still, if he were smart enough to have worn a full-face helmet, he could have been spared the concussion and missing teeth.

That's what the original text attached to the video reportedly said, according to some users. The rider was not critically injured but was left with a concussion and multiple broken and missing teeth. Which sounds like being paid in full for such dumb and reckless riding.

Oh, and he was also very lucky to have been missed by the cars behind him, too. We've seen similar scenarios with less aware drivers in the cars behind who were not able to brake and avoid running fallen riders over, sometimes with fatal consequences.

This crash may be a tad on the brutal side, but I still believe riding schools should show such footage to their students...
PS: And I was thinking about high-tech safety measures yesterday...

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