Watch a Ferrari 458 Lose Badly to an Audi RS7 performance in 360 Degrees

Hello, and welcome to the rich man's edition of drag racing. We've got a Ferrari you can't afford on an empty track with a perfectly smooth surface. But as we all know, money can't buy you talent!
Watch a Ferrari 458 Lose Badly to an Audi RS7 performance in 360 Degrees 1 photo
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Unless we win the power ball, us regular people have no chance of ever owning a Ferrari 458 Italia. Well, there's a new model called the 488 GTB that makes the Italia look old-fashioned. But we can't even afford to pay for new wheels, so it doesn't matter if you're talking about the latest model or not.

At about half the price, the Audi RS7 is still not affordable enough for most people. However, the performance it delivers justifies paying over $100k, even though it won't handle as sweetly as the Italian exotic.

The list of cars that the RS7 beats to 60 is long and includes the Panamera Turbo. However, this isn't the regular model; it's the new RS7 performance. The output of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 has been boosted to nearly as much as the R8. Who cares that it weighs 2 tons, right?

You are looking at $130,000 worth of Audi's definition of awesome. Naturally, that includes quattro all-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Once you add the inability of the Ferrari driver to do a good launch, the race is in the RS7's bag!

The 458 stutters off the line while the quattro coupe goes off like a bomb. Thanks to its more powerful engine, the RS7 stretches its lead even further, finishing the 1/2 mile race with a comfortable lead.

As if the existence of the Nissan GT-R weren't bad enough, this guy now has nightmares of the four-ringed kind. If we were in his shoes, we'd buy a Tesla Model S P90D, just to be safe.

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