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Volvo Trucks Teaser: Jean-Claude Van Damme Epic Splits

"Because of my big legs and karate, I can do the splits… no problem" Van Damme once said while wearing blue spandex in front of a bunch of sexy girls.
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That's not something a real man would do, that sounds like a bit of boasting. And so the real men at Volvo Trucks want him to prove it by splitting his legs on two mirrors, of two large trucks, which are driving in reverse.

Jean-Claude is 53 years old now, which in Hollywood years is about 80. He likes flamenco and has left his butt kicking adventures firmly in the past. So, will he do it? Yeah, sure he will.

The Muscles from Brussels is famous for his split, but what he’s about to attempt may create a new chapter in his life. He may as well walk on the path of similar Hollywood celebrities that have taken an interesting detour towards the automotive industry. Van Damme, however, never was that much of a driver, he’d rather be in performing the most dangerous stunts that involved vehicles, just like this thing he’s doing with Volvo is.

The fact he likes to push his own limits is something that goes way back with the action movie actor, somewhere at the age of 12. That is when he joined the Centre National De Karate under the guidance of Claude Goetz in Belgium.

Van Damme trained for four years, and he earned a spot on the national karate team, later training full-contact karate and kickboxing with Dominique Valera. After that, it was all about martial arts for several years. It was only in 1984 when he’d started his acting career although his first successful movie came later than that.

His breakout film was Bloodsport, based on the alleged true story of Frank Dux. Shot on a 1.5 million dollar budget, it became a U.S. box-office hit in the spring of 1988.

Sing it Enya!

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