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Volkswagen’s Hometown Factory Makes 3D Smart Glasses Standard Equipment

Have you ever been to Wolfsburg in Germany? Most likely the answer to this question is no, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t heard that it’s the country’s richest city in terms of GDP per capita. Famous for being the hometown for VW’s HQ, Wolfsburg is also a host to the biggest car plant in the world.
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It’s only natural for new generation gadgets to become regular here at first, as this is the factory that will set the pace for all the other Volkswagen plants. That’s the message the German automaker is sending; anything to take buyers’ mind away from Dieselgate.

However, the use of smart glasses on its plants should help workers be more efficient and, therefore, make sure the job is done faster. So far, the car-of-the-people claims its objective is to further improve process security in production. With this technology, users automatically receive all the information they need, such as storage locations or part numbers directly in their field of vision.

Touch or voice control allows remarkably smooth operation, as users have their hands free while they are working. The camera in the glasses is also used as a barcode reader. Correct barcodes on parts removed from the storage location are shown in green, while parts incorrectly removed are shown in red.

It should be noted that the workers are being gradually introduced to the new technology. After a short acclimatization period, new employees can then be familiarized more rapidly. Currently, 30 workers are using the smart glasses in various areas such as windshields or driveshafts. As mentioned above, VW is planning to expand the technology accordingly.

Talking about this measure, Works Council member Mario Kurznack-Bodner says, “The benefits of new technology like the smart glasses can only be assessed effectively if we can check them out in normal production operation. The colleagues concerned approach the technology without any preconceived notions. Apart from health, safety and occupational medicine criteria, it is important to the Works Council that feedback from employees should be taken up and reflected in everyday work.“

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