US Spec BMW F80 M3 Weighed in at 3,562 lbs

There’s been a lot of talk about the weight of recent BMWs, most of us reaching the same conclusion: things have gone far enough. From the ultra light cars the Germans used to make back in the day we ended up with heavy, bloated vehicles that are simply a lot of work when taken close to the limit.
BMW M3 Weight 1 photo
Photo: Axis of oversteer
If on some cars, the weight wouldn’t necessarily be a big problem, on M models it’s one of the most important aspects that you have to keep in mind. No matter how much power and torque a car has, if it’s just too heavy, the laws of physics won’t let you enjoy it as you should.

That’s why, when developing the new M3 and M4 cars, BMW took extra care to make sure they won’t be heavier than the model they are replacing. Furthermore, they wanted to make them the first ones in the brand’s 100-year history and legacy that are lighter than their predecessors.

According to their press release, they managed to do so. However, few things are exactly as BMW claims in reality compared to what they claim. Horsepower reading are only one example, weight being another one.

Part of the confusion surrounding the weight factor is due to the varying regulations all over the world. The kerb weight of a car is different in Europe compared to the US, for example, as the weighing process involves different criteria.

To make sure everybody is satisfied, the guys from Axis of Oversteer decided to simply weigh an M3. How they managed to get their hands on one, is beyond us, but we’re delighted to see that they got positive results.

The car tipped the scale at 3,562 lbs (1,615.7 kg) in US spec. That means it had a full tank of gas, no driver, 19” wheels and standard brakes. Furthermore, this is the result for the manual model with the CFRP roof (not with the moonroof), premium package, HUD and a couple other optional features.

That being said, compared to a similar E90 model, the new one is lighter by 174 lbs (79 kg), the predecessor weighing in at 3,736 lbs (1,694.6 kg), with similar options on it. Furthermore, the new uber-sedan proved to be lighter than the E92 M3 Coupe too which turned out to weigh 3,585 lbs (1,626 kg). Of course, in this case, the difference being significantly smaller. All we have to do now, is wait to see how the M4 does in a similar test.
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