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US Army's Humvee Auction Very Successful

Remember when we told you guys the government has finally decided to start selling their retired military vehicles for the first time after 1999? The public auction of 25 legitimate, US military Humvees took place on Wednesday and was quite a big success.
Humvee 1 photo
The Humvees sold on auction were models ranging from 1987 to 1994, with some finished in olive green or khaki tan. Not all of the vehicles had the same body configurations, nor were they all fully functional, as in some would miss minor pieces. Taking a look at GovPlanet’s website, where the auction was listed, it would seem the two-doors with or without canvas tops seemed to be worth slightly less than the full four-doors issues.

Nonetheless, none of the retired military vehicles had less than 50 bids on it and some even had hundreds. One of the most popular trucks was an unique cargo-top Humvee that had the closest features to a conventional SUV. However, as expected, none of the military machines remained unwanted.

As we previously reported, the prices started at $10,000 and the collection included cargo and troop carriers. The most expensive truck was a 1994 M998A1 four-door soft-top with a 1,449 mileage that sold for $41,000. The cheapest was an 1989 M1038 two-door with a canvas pickup bed cover and 22,253 miles, that was bought for about half the price.

Since we’re pretty sure you’d like to have one for yourself, we’ll ease your pain and tell you there is still hope. In fact, reports are GovPlanet has won the contract to distribute these machines for the next two years, so there will be more of those military vehicles to come.


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