Uber Driver Apparently Thinks He Works for a Dating Agency

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Love can move mountains, dry seas, and melt icebergs, but it seems it can also be very, very creepy. This last trait usually appears when only one of the two parties involved is aware of it.
Being an Uber driver clearly means you're going to meet a lot of people. Depending on how sociable you are, that can be a perk of the job, or one of its downsides. But since spooky dudes and dudettes who prefer their own company to that of others tend to be in different lines of business, we'll just assume that everyone working with Uber is a perfectly fine functioning social being.

This guy, however, would like to disagree. We gather from the note that he drove this girl yesterday, and to her misfortune, the destination was precisely her home. We have no idea what went on during the ride, but it was clearly misinterpreted by the driver.

It might have been one long, silent drive during which he kept looking at her in the mirror imagining her as his bride, while she was just looking out the window. At one time, she might have glimpsed back in the mirror, which was the final confirmation for him: yup, they're going to get married.

Alternatively, they might have had a short conversation, maybe even a long one, that he saw more into than it was the case. The girl was probably just being polite by engaging in the discussion, but after leaving the car, she thought she had played her part, and she wouldn't be seeing him again. At least not until she requested another Uber ride, that is.

Well, in 99.99 percent of situations, that would have been the case, but this Uber driver was in head over heels. He ignored all regulations surrounding the way Uber does business and treats its clients and found out the girl's name and exact address. He then "surprised" her by leaving a flower bouquet and a note (via Distractify) which read: "It was a wonderful pleasure meeting you yesterday. I hope your day went well and I would love to take you out for dinner at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Brookline."

Say what you want, but this guy is creepy. It's not just that he tracked her down like some sort of stalker, but just pay closer attention to his note: "a wonderful pleasure"? Isn't that overdoing it a bit? And then who tells a girl the exact restaurant he's going to take her to on their presumptive date, except for a maniac?

Predictably for anyone else except this Uber driver, the girl wasn't flattered by this unsolicited attention, but rather appalled. She felt threatened, which is understandable for a single woman who has just found out she's got a possible stalker. She posted the picture on Facebook accompanied by this text: "THIS IS BY FAR THE WORST UBER EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I come home from work and find these at my doorstep. Hunting down my home address because you were my uber driver to send me flowers is not f***ing "romantic" or whatever the f**k you people call it. IT'S F***ING CREEPY AS ALL HELL'S F**KS. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F**K. What the f**k do I do?!?!??!?!! Help me!"

Judging by the number of asterisks, it's safe to say she was upset. Our suggestion would have been to contact the guy and just explain him she's not interested. She could also tell Uber about it, which would probably hurt the man's career in the company. And if nothing worked, then there's always the police. That is, of course, if you don't happen to know a few Ukranian thugs who can find out where he lives and leave him a note and some flowers for a change.
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