Two Brothers Convince Little Sister Under Anesthetics the Apocalypse Has Begun

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Look, if you've grown up without having at least one bigger brother, then you're one lucky bastard. They are the most sadistic people on the planet, and the worst part of it all is that you can't stay mad at them for too long after they've told you that they love you. Because no matter how mean they've just been to you, you know deep down they really mean it.
Millicent was lucky enough to have two of them. Being a girl with two bigger brothers must have had its perks - she was probably never bullied in school, for one thing - but it probably also meant a double dose of trouble. Since teasing comes natural for the older siblings, you can be sure she had her fair share of pranks during her not-so-long lifetime.

But when Millicent was going to have her wisdom tooth removed under anesthetics, the two brothers smelled blood. They realized this was going to offer the best opportunity so far, so they even got their mother in on the act. What? She's an older member of the family as well, so it's legit. And they didn't even wait until the anesthetics kicked in, asking her for any last words as she sat in the dentist's chair. Not cool, man, you just don't joke about that at the dentist's.

The real fun begins as the three make their way back home in the family's Infiniti SUV. A rigged radio broadcast speaks of a deadly virus erupting throughout the country, with cases of cannibalism reported already. Millicent may be under anesthetics, but she knows a zombie apocalypse when she hears about one.

For all the substances she's under, she's thinking quite straight - well, apart from actually believing there are hordes of zombies roaming the country. She tells her brother he "drives like a slug" and he should hurry back home. As one of the brothers starts to load the car with the necessary supplies, Millicent doesn't agree: "a garden hoe isn't what we want. We have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the car?" Truer words have never been spoken.

Do you know what's the worst thing about zombie apocalypses? Forget about your dear ones dying or the fact that you have to decide whether you leave your cat or your dog behind, it's the funfetti or chocolate cake dilemma. Who in their right mind would expect anyone to make such a decision, anesthetics involved or not? Millicent, however, knows what she wants in life, and that's funfetti, without any hesitation. I'm telling you, even under anesthetic, if there's ever a zombie apocalypse, she's the woman you want by your side. Just don't get too attached to your dog, as it'll be the first to go.

The prank goes on for a few more minutes, and it's become such a sensation on the web that it made it on the Ellen Show. Sorry, David, your video was fun, but it has just become second best in the "after dentist" category. But don't despair: if you've got a younger brother or sister, you can think of a better prank and climb back to the top.

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