Trikelet Electric Scooter Packs Solid Versatility

Enter Trikelet, the electric three-wheeled scooter for urban commuters who are demanding more versatility from their green vehicles. A creation of several Dutch fellows, the Trikelet is still in the second prototyping phase, and preordering will help its manufacturers get closer to a final consumer product. While completely new things are rather hard to come by in this growing segment, it’s optimization and smart ideas which add an edge on other similar products.
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Trikelet has a folding design which reduces its foot print to diminutive figures, allowing the users to effortlessly store the trike in their office or home, carry it in busses, ferries and even planes. The folded dimensions are 570x290x320mm (22x11x12 inches) so it’s really easy to figure out that the Trikelet will go virtually anywhere.

With a weight of only 12 kg (26 lbs) and trolley functionality, even ladies will be able to carry this scoot with no noticeable effort. Folding it is easy and the moves are quite natural, making readying it for a ride or storing easy as well. Plus, since it’s easy to trolley this scooter along wherever you might go, there’s no chance for theft, either.

The ride’s comfort is ensured by the air-filled wheels, 8.5”for the front and 6”for the rear two.One of the coolest things about the Trikelet is that its designers knew people would ride it to work or for small shopping, and endowed it with a special place for carrying a laptop suitcase, a backpack or even a full-size grocery bag. The tall walls of this compartment prevent the luggage from tipping over.

Trikelet is powered by either a 500W or 700W motor, while the range is around 15 km (9 miles), with a top speed of 20 km/h (12 mph). Not much, but definitely enough for many commuters. At the same time, the diminutive battery can be quickly recharged, too, adding to the overall convenience. With €0.4 ($0.54) per 100km, we just can’t stress enough how economical (and fun) the Trikelet is.

The price is rumored to be around €1, 500 ($2,040). Again, not the cheapest personal mobility solution, but reading the paragraph above and comparing with what you spend currently on commuting, the price will start to make sense. A lot of sense. Find out more on the Trikelet official website.

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