Toyota Testing Wireless Charging Systems

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid 1 photo
Photo: Toyota
Having a plug-in hybrid like the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid means that you get the advantage of lower fuel consumption hybrids offer and the possibility to use it in full EV mode without even starting the gasoline engine.
You can charger its electric batteries at home, drive in EV mode to work or mall and charge it again while you are busy there. Then you can get back home with no fossil fuel used what so ever.

Of course, plug-in hybrid buyers think that inserting a cable’s end to a socket in the wall and the other in the vehicle’s electric charging terminal is too much of a hassle (first world problems... duh), so Toyota is working on some kind of wireless/inductive charging system that will fill the vehicle’s electric batteries from a small distance, probably just by parking it over a small charging device, a system that will start being tested in 2014.

"We have been listening very carefully to Prius PHV owners and are considering their requests for additional all-electric range. We have also heard from owners that they would like a more convenient charging operation," TMC managing officer Satoshi Ogiso said. "In response, we are developing a new wireless/inductive charging system that produces resonance between an on-floor coil and an onboard coil to transmit power to the battery, providing charging without the fuss of a cable."

Wireless electricity is not a new technology. Nicola Tesla conducted experiments in the past transmitting electric current wireless to lamps through an alternating electric field.
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