Toyota Targets Reforestation to Enhance Carbon Reduction

All you environmentalist green-heads relax, Toyota got this planet saving program up and running.
EVs in Toyota City 1 photo
It’s clear that the giant Toyota is the most environmental concerned automaker of them all. They don’t just make fuel efficient car, the company has already put the basis of a whole green city and the firm is also currently investing in reforestation projects.

Toyota City in Nagoya stretches over 91,847 hectares (918.47 square km/354.6 square miles) and it represents the most nature-friendly city in the world, a place where an industrial society can coexist peacefully with Mother Nature.

The town is an environmentalist’s heaven: everything looks squeaky-clean, small EVs are shared between citizens to complement the public transportation, houses are using solar energy and basically every system is optimized to consume as low electricity as it can.

With all this green development, it’s just a matter of time until we’ll wake up in our own Toyota badged house which will perfectly adapt to the Toyota EV parked in the driveway.

Story via Business Inquirer


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