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Toyota Prius Will Power Your House!

The Toyota Prius hybrid is a very appreciated ‘green’ car as it combines the Japanese maker’s build quality with a very efficient baby seal-saving hybrid system. However, Toyota want to take it one step further.
Toyota V2H HEMS 1 photo
They have developed a car-to-home or vehicle to home (V2H) power supply system, which works both ways. It allows the car to draw electricity from the grid during the night, when electric rates are cheaper, and the it can power the house during the day, when electric rates are considerably more expensive.

It may sound too complex, but everything will be done automatically, using a home energy management system (HEMS). The manufacturer will use a Prius in order to begin testing later this year. They claim that with a full tank of petrol and a fully-charged battery, the car could power an average-sized Japanese house for around 4 days.


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