Toyota Prius Powers Your Fridge

People are inventive in crisis situations, that's for sure! But using your Toyota Prius' battery to power your fridge during a snow storm that let you without electricity definitely exceeds an ordinary automobile user's imagination.

We have found out from the official blog of Toyota (via The Harvard Press) and now we're telling you too: the freaky story actually happened in the town of... Harvard. Here it goes...

Once upon a time, during a very powerful snow storm in the peaceful city, many of the residents lost electrical power. Four days past and the situation was pretty disastrous as they just couldn't lie in the dark forever. Tired to wait from a solution from above, an inventive resident discovered the solution was right in his garage.

John Sweeney connected an electric inverter, meaning a device that converts DC 12-volt power to AC 120-volt power, right to his devoted Prius. In this way, he managed to power his fridge, freezer, television, heater fan and several lights. Sweeney told the Harvard Press that all he had to do was run the Prius’s gas engine every half hour to keep the car’s battery charged in order to continue supplying power. And so, he saved his house from darkness.

The story may be odd but we swear it's true. In fact, Sweeney was not the only one who used his car's battery as electricity generator.
But as far as we know, he was the one and only who discovered the Prius is not only good for driving but also for supplying power when electricity is cut because of unexpected weather phenomena.
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