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Toyota Keen on Exploring the Possibilities of Online Car Sales, Report Claims

Online is where most shoppers go these days to buy the products they want or need, but so far cars have been sold and bought the traditional way.
2016 Toyota Tacoma 1 photo
One of the many changes to come in the way the automotive industry works will affect the manner in which carmakers conduct sales, and the future might be online, as Tesla Motors has proven.

We can't know for sure at this point, but Toyota is the second manufacturer willing to give this new approach a try.

According to Autonews, an online car-buying plan oriented at Scion's young clientele is close to becoming up and running, but Toyota officials want to see the same program in their own backyard as soon as possible.

In other words, Toyota aims to introduce its own personalized version of the Pure Process Plus online shopping scheme used by Scion in the following year, and guess what? They're 'blaming' this on young people's buying habits patterns.

Yup, Generation Y played a big role in Toyota's decision to experiment with online sales. Cited by the same source, Bill Fay, general manager of Toyota Division, gave some insights on the brand's decision:

"Millennials are starting to express the fact that they'd like to do more shopping online," Fay said. "They'd like to connect that shopping to a buying experience ... that needs to be quicker and more transparent." So far, these attempts to move car sales online have had a shy start, but several carmakers are already doing something in that direction.

For example, General Motors' Shop-Click-Drive program allows customers to find vehicles, negotiate prices and handle paperwork online, which takes a lot of pressure off a busy person's back and simplifies the car acquisition process a lot.


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