Top Gear S22 Episode 5 Trailer: LaFerrari, Corvette and Cayman GTS

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Slowly but surely, the action in Top Gear's 22nd TV series has picked up, with episode 4 being the most entertaining for us to watch. And it looks like the next one will be even better, judging from a trailer released today.
In it, we get to see some sideways action with a yellow Corvette on German number plates going up against a blue Porsche Cayman. From their price to the way they handle, we can think of any number of ways in which these two sportscars can be compared, but since Hammond is at the wheel, we expect the yank' car to be favored in some way.

The Cayman he's driving is the GTS and we bet that Richard is going to say the £55,000 is not justified when £65,510 gets you a mighty 450 horsepower V8 engine and a soundtrack to match. We'd still pick precision over power every day of the week though.

Next up, we have James May behind the wheel of the Ferrari hypercar for the first time. We're talking about a successor to the legendary Enzo which comes with a hybrid powertrain and costs a fortune to buy.

Of course, this isn't Top Gear's first time with the LaFerrari. In January, the guys taking care of the iPad edition did a 3-way battle between it, the McLaren P1 and the Porsche 918. But I don't think anybody will mind extra footage of the 963 horsepower Ferrari that can outrun a Bugatti.

Jeremy Clarkson's job, meanwhile, is to drive a Peugeot 307 CC to absolute destruction on some country roads. The typical crashes and fires all have their place.

Editor's note: At the 7th second in the video, James is doing 247 km/h (153 mph). Must be fake!

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