This Top Android Auto Wireless Adapter Is Cheaper and Probably Your Only Option

The wireless Android Auto adapter category has grown a lot in all directions, including in popularity, as these devices have become part of the modern package of many drivers worldwide. They allow for an easy conversion from wired to wireless, and in Android Auto's case, they help prevent a myriad of problems caused by bad cables.
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AAWireless pioneered the product category with a clever approach that allows the device to remain plugged into the USB port of the vehicle and connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to the smartphone.

The driver no longer needs to plug in the smartphone, as the wireless connection to the Android Auto adapter allows for a no-cord experience with Google's app.

AAWireless and Motorola's MA1 are arguably the most popular devices in this space, offering excellent reliability, solid build quality, and overall great value for the money. However, AAWireless is currently unavailable in the United States, as the device is no longer listed on Amazon, possibly after record sales on Black Friday.

It's still up for grabs in Europe, so it's probably a matter of time until it goes back in stock in US stores.

Meanwhile, Motorola's wireless Android Auto adapter is the only option, and thanks to a discount still available today, customers can buy it at a lower price. The device costs $69.99 today, down 22% from the regular $89.99 price tag. The MA1 was even cheaper on Black Friday, but if you missed the sale, you can still get the device at a good price thanks to this discount.

The MA1 typically offers a very reliable experience, though it could sometimes take about 20 seconds to launch when you turn on the engine. It's because it needs to establish a connection to the vehicle after the infotainment system loads and also connect to the mobile device using Bluetooth. However, I rarely encountered failed launches, and the device proved reliable in almost all cases.

If you search on Amazon, you should also find plenty of cheaper devices, though they are less likely to provide the stability of premium models like AAWireless and MA1. They are worth a try if you don't want to spend more dollars on the big guys, but be ready for occasional problems and random disconnects.

AAWireless has recently been updated with support for CarPlay, though the feature only landed as part of a beta firmware update. With this feature, AAWireless provides Apple users with similar functionality, letting them transform the wired support for CarPlay into a no-cord experience. For now, the feature is still in beta, but AAWireless will eventually allow Google and Apple users to forget about cables and use the phone projection systems in their cars wirelessly.

Motorola hasn't shared any specifics regarding its price cut, so the MA1 discount could expire any minute now.
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