This is NOT the Actual EBR 1190AX

In a way it is funny to write this piece, but for the sake of well-informed readers and as a token of respect for Erik Buell Racing, I felt like this article just had to be published. It was with surprise when I got an e-mail from Tom Mielke of EBR, with another message attached. After reading both messages I started to realize what had happened and decided to post an update.
EBR 1190AX rendering, not the actual bike 1 photo
Photo: Gabriel Brandusescu
To whomever may be concerned, the photo entitled “EBR 1190AX rendering” is, for crying out loud, the result of some Photoshop play, and not even a top-notch one. It came to fruition as we just needed a pic for the header, so we thought why not digitally strapping some alu side cases, maybe a Touratech bashplate, a MRA Vario windshield and a foney AX badge? Since our Gabriel Brandusescu has done such things before, it was only natural to ask him a favor.

The purpose of the rendering was to only provide a somewhat hasty glimpse into what a sport-adventure EBR machine COULD maybe look like. Again, it was funny to see that so many people ignored the obviously manipulated character of the bike and deemed it as the real deal.

I interviewed EBR’s Gary Pietruszewski at EICMA 2014 and we talked about the future model as well. While he confirmed that a street-adventure machine is envisaged as a future completion of the current line-up, he has not mentioned anything else than the fact that the AX machine will most likely NOT see the light of day next year.

…which is exactly what I reported. After talking to BMW and KTM officials and getting a hands-on experience with their new sport-adventure machines, summing every bit of info I had and making the necessary connections was a rather easy job, because in the end, this is what a journalist is supposed to do. The article reports on how the bike MIGHT be like, and it doesn’t take a genius to know that as 2015 unfolds, more and more imaginary EBR 1190AX will appear.

Honestly, I thought that the Photoshop job was sufficiently rough around the edges so that nobody could ever believe that this is what the AX model looks or would look like. Even in the eventuality that the actual AX machine looks anything like the bike photo manipulated by my colleague Gabriel Brandusescu, this doesn’t mean anything, because what he did is only to speculate, with no deceitful purpose.

Finally, hoping that this clears out the matter, I cannot help thanking our readers who apparently spread the news all around the world. As Mielke told me, “the image has gone around the world and appeared in publications in 10 languages”, and this means our work is appreciated. Thank you, and thank the guys at EBR for being so communicative.
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