This Is Not How You're Supposed to Drive an M3

Don't get us wrong, we're all in favor of having fun driving a car down the road, but everything must be done keeping everyone safe. That includes you and the other drivers and pedestrians alike.
BMW E46 M3 Crash 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Sometimes though, some people think they are better drivers than they really are. Those people are the most dangerous ones of all. Take this unlucky driver for example.

He's racing down some winding roads in what seems to be Arizona, and he's doing pretty good for himself, if you ignore the hundreds of traffic regulation he's breaking. Furthermore, for a more fun ride, he disengaged the DSC to drift around corners.

We know all about how good an M3 is without the traction control systems on but what most people don't understand is that these devices are installed on a car to protect you from yourself.

Sure, you can go to an empty parking lot or a racetrack and do everything you want with your car, as long as it is on a closed course and in perfect safety. When driving down the street though, you should be careful and drive safe.

He, on the other hand, got what he deserved. One moment was enough to send him flying over a cliff, at a considerable speed. Fortunately, the BMW's safety features kicked in almost immediately saving his life.

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