This Is Modobag or, as We Like to Call It, "the Coolest Thing on Earth"

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You don't really need to be a frequent flyer to like the idea behind Modobag. You don't have to have lost a connection due to your poor running skills to like it either. In fact, you don't need any excuse at all because Modobag is simply great.
Let's put it this way: what's not to like? It's a black, boxy travel bag that fits in the overhead compartment of airplanes, but at the same time it can transform into a black, boxy electric scooter that you can ride around the airport. Its inventor says it is three times faster than walking (they've never seen me walk between connections, but we'll let it slide this time) and about 100 times more relaxing. As one of the people testing it in the video puts it, you don't have to take your high-heels off just to board in time.

Obviously, there's a little story behind how the inventor got the idea. He was traveling with his family, and his kids were taking turns riding on the carry-on bag that he was pulling. Much like the time somebody decided to do away with the horses and motorize the carriage, our man had a similar eureka moment. So he assembled a team of people who saw the potential of his idea and went on to create the Modobag.

They say one of the biggest challenges was to maintain as much of the storage space as possible, and in the end, they managed to keep it as high as 85 percent. The Modobag has a telescopic handlebar, foot rests that pop out and, of course, an electric motor and a battery pack. The bag also doubles as a mobile charging device, should you be more interested in having a fully-charged phone than actually catching a flight.

The project is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo, with $21,810 already secured. A $25 deposit will get you a Modobag t-shirt, while $995 is enough to secure one of the first motorized pieces of luggage ever produced. The price is pretty steep, but then again how much was that iPhone again? And let me ask you this: does it have wheels and a pop-up handlebar? I rest my case.

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