This Is Attempted Murder Against a Rider, Hope a Judge Finds It So, Too

Remember when I was telling you that the road IS a dangerous place for motorcyclists and that riders have to be mentally stronger than the rest? Well, it's been less than a week since I started the Tougher than Thou series of coverstories, and here's footage from an unbelievable crash that will have many of you thinking.
A disturbing intentional crash 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
The rider that crashed was, for what's worth, at fault, for overtaking across double yellow lines. In other circumstances, he might have gotten his driving licence suspended, plus a fine. Still, drivers with a bit more understanding of how the road, traffic and motorcycles in traffic work could have made a non-issue of the current predicament.

Those of you who also drive, please remember how you make room for bikes to pass by you when you are inside your car. After all, it's simply practicing what you preach, right? If YOU were on two wheels, you'd thank in your mind to the driver who goes a bit towards the right end of the lane to allow you safe passage. And you are expected to do the same when you're in the "cage," unless you're a hypocritical jerk.

Well, it turns out that some drivers are not at all fond of sharing the road with a rider, not even for a blink of an eye... Yes, laying down the hammer will allow a sport bike to spend maybe half a second near a car, and the motorcycle would be gone before one started to feel hindered.

That is, if you're not as ignorant and reckless as the fellow in this video. Frankly, cutting a rider in such a way, KNOWING or even EXPECTING that he or she should crash calls for some serious investigation and some court action.

We are no law experts here, but this looks intentional, and attempted voluntary manslaughter or worse doesn't sound that radical. Such drivers should simply be prevented from operating any vehicles on public roads, if you ask me.

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