This Has Got to Be One of the Most Idiotic Motorcycle Stunt in the Universe

If by any chance you’re the director or writer of a movie involving idiots and are looking for exceptionally dumb ideas to include in your script, then you’re in luck. We can introduce you to an idiot duo which should bring just the right amount of spice to your next work of art.
This Has Got to Be One of the Most Idiotic Motorcycle Stunt in the Universe 1 photo
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And what’s going to be even better for your movie is the fact that you’ll be able to cut down costs, thus making sure you get a better margin. Since these fellows are doing this just for the kicks, it’s pretty obvious that they want to be noticed. We can’t vouch for this, but they’ll presumably do tons of stupid stuff for free if you provide them with the right gear, scenery and keep cretin ideas coming.

Since both guys are alive, you shouldn’t hurry to have a Darwin Awards badge on the cover of your DVD, even though these chaps are definitely going to make it among the candidates if they keep on performing such stunts for too long.

Now, on the more serious side of things, such a feat could have ended extremely wrong. One doesn’t necessarily have to speed like a mad man in order to become fatally injured. Spine injuries are very common among riders even without riding a bike towards a guy who kicks you in the head with both feet, and blows to the head can easily damage the cervical bones, possibly affecting the spinal marrow and leading to paralysis or instant death.

And of you need more explanations you should know that when a person is executed by hanging, only few die from asphyxia. The body is dropped because its own weight and sudden shock fracture the spine and marrow, leading to instantaneous death. And just like during hangings, wearing a helmet doesn’t help at all...

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