This Half-Looted Mercedes-Benz CLS Makes It Hard to See the Half-Full Side of Things

Stripped down Mercedes-Benz CLS 8 photos
Mercedes-Benz CLS looted in HoolandMercedes-Benz CLS looted in HoolandMercedes-Benz CLS looted in HoolandMercedes-Benz CLS looted in HoolandMercedes-Benz CLS looted in HoolandMercedes-Benz CLS looted in HoolandMercedes-Benz CLS looted in Hooland
This pearly white Mercedes-Benz CLS very nearly made it to the pearly gates of heaven one night when some very tenacious burglars left with most of its parts.
If any Formula One team is watching this, they should wait until these guys get out of prison and hire them as pit-lane mechanics. They will surely provide the quickest pit stops the sport has ever seen, and when nobody’s looking, they might even take the spoiler off the competition’s car, just to give their drivers an extra chance of winning.

All jokes aside, this thing appears to have really happened somewhere in the Netherlands. The short description says that the Mercedes-Benz CLS was found as you can see it in the pictures after just one night, so it’s fair to assume the looters knew very well what they were doing. Blame the Haynes manuals if you like, but save some for these guys’ parents as well, as they clearly didn’t do a very good job raising their kids.

The CLS seems to have been very methodically stripped, with only certain parts missing from both the interior and the exterior. We’ve seen cars sitting like stranded whales with all their wheels taken off before, but that was usually happening in countries closer to the East, where stealing the side-mirrors is something of a favorite nighttime activity.

However, we don’t know where the car was parked or how long it stayed there, but it’s pretty clear this was a targeted move, as nobody walks down the street and decides to steal half a car.

The CLS is missing its two left-hand doors, its trunk lid, taillights, headlights and front bumper complete with radiator grille. On the inside, the thieves only wanted the steering wheel. The text accompanying the images says the owner is offering a 5,000 EURO reward for getting his parts back, according to

Since information is so sketchy, you have to take all this with a pinch of salt as the whole story could be made up. However, if a shady guy comes over with a Mercedes-Benz CLS headlight in his bag and offers to sell it to you, ask for his phone number. The police will be interested.
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