This Hilarious Video Is a Russian Swear Words Crash Course

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They say the hardest things in the world are giving birth, letting someone you love go, or drinking ten shots of tequila and continuing to walk straight, but we all know these don't hold a candle to a driver being forced to sit in the passenger's seat.
As hard as we try to avoid it, we've all been in this situation a few times during our lives. And apart from those times when there was a professional driver at the wheel offering a taxi ride on a racetrack, we've hated every second of the experience. A bad driver doesn't necessarily have to be involved - the simple fact that we have to sit in a car and not be able to drive is enough to permanently damage our brains.

But for most of us, there comes a day when taking up the passenger's seat isn't an option, but a given. That usually happens when somebody important in our lives - be it our significant other or one of our kids - has just gotten their driver's license. They need to put miles under their belts, and it's our duty to help them, even though deep down inside we loathe it. Oh, sorry, but we do.

It would appear things are exactly the same over in Russia, where this clip has been shot. You don't need to speak the language to be aware of the man's enthusiasm - he'd rather be getting a full-body wax than be there, but he soldiers on, doing his duty. He gives the appropriate advice to the woman driving, even though he can do very little to hide his poor disposition.

Seeing that Hyundai Tucson approaching, he tells the driver to go slightly to the right, signal her intent to go right and gently push the brakes. So far so good. But his day is about to change quickly, from bad to terrible, when the woman decides to cross the road straight forward. He yells at her to brake, but as the fence separating the tram lines from the road quickly approaches, he takes out the big guns. He first tells the poor woman the nasty things he'll do to her mother ("tvayu"), but he immediately dials it down a bit by exclaiming "durak" (Russian for "stupid" or "fool") as their car plows through.

You see, it would seem that this particular driver did not respond well to extreme pressure, and she mistook the brake pedal for the accelerator. They were lucky enough not to be t-boned by any of the cars on their side of the road, the trams or cars driving the other way around. However, they're not out of the woods just yet as the car - now with a broken windshield and probably a botched up front end - is headed towards a small shop. This time, his desperate cries to brake are listened to, and the car comes to a halt.

The man quickly regains his composure and finds the strength to be sarcastic about everything that's just happened, telling her "congratulations," or, if you prefer, "well done." That woman won't probably be driving again too soon after this experience, while the man will definitely think twice before settling for the passenger seat. Whatever the case, we'd like to thank them for this highly entertaining video clip.

Don't hesitate to correct our translation if you spot anything wrong with it.

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