This Could Have Been a Fatal Cash for the Riding Lady – Video

Those who ride knowing there may be all sorts of dangers around every bend and are ready to make a move to avoid them are the ones who get to ride back home and tell the story. Still, not all our fellow riders are this lucky and unfortunately it’s not that rarely when people are involved in very nasty crashes just because they could not react in due time.
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Photo: Youtube capture
Sand, gravel and potholes are among a rider’s worst enemies, just like people who cannot stay in their lane around a bend. This high-definition footage shows how easily and how quickly can things go wrong, and how serious the consequences can be. However, the lady in this video was exceedingly lucky because she wasn’t riding fast and she crashed in front of another vehicle which managed to stop before the actual impact.

A pothole may cause more trouble than you think

According to the camera rider, his wife hit the pothole which ca be seen at 2:16. Of course, we could discuss about the way she could have scouted the road ahead better and avoid riding into it altogether, but this is definitely a completely different matter. What’s more important is that she picked the bike and entered the opposite lane, in front of incoming traffic.

Luckily for her, the Honda SUV was not traveling fast and even stopped before the lady actually slid under it. Her husband says that she actually hit the Honda’s front axle with her (helmeted) head, but has not sustained injuries. Some say target fixation could have played an important role in this too, and we cannot rule this out of the “equation”.

In the end it looks like not speeding through the twisties, gear and a dash of luck saved the day for this lady and prevented her husband from posting this video as a fresh widower. Ride carefully!

PS: any comments from those who oppose wearing helmets?

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