Poor Riding and Braking Skills Lead to Crash Showing How Useful Helmets Are

Crash Showing How Useful Helmets Are 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Here’s one more piece (who’s counting, anyway?) which goes out to all those fellows who say that wearing a motorcycle helmet is of no use and it would rather enhance the damage in case of a crash. Now, trying to prove to these fellows that such an assertion is sheer nonsense is probably not worth the effort, but showing them such footage is.
Still, I know that even this type of proof will not be enough to convince certain fellows to start wearing a helmet if the local laws do not make it mandatory. In their case, all we can do is hope that they’ll never be forced to have second thoughts on the matter. I was going to write that I wish they never live to regret not wearing a helmet, but some might not get the meaning of my words.

Poor riding and braking skills lead to crashing

This article is not about who was right and who was wrong. This is the job of the cops as they investigate this crash and watch the surveillance footage. However, I strongly believe that the scooter rider could have easily avoided this crash altogether, if only he or she had better “foresight”, better riding and braking skills.

That is, keeping an eye on the road ahead would have revealed that the car would or at least could go wide when overtaking slower traffic. Therefore, increased precaution and lower speed could have provided enough room for avoiding the collision.

Then it’s the poor braking skills of the rider. We can clearly see how the rear wheel locks and leaves a trace of rubber on the asphalt, in a panic brake. This was completely unnecessary, even though the actual distance between the vehicles can only be estimated because of the camera angle.

Braking less violently while swerving to the right could have had the rider safe. But here’s the ”you can’t exactly swerve with a locked rear” lesson, learned the hard way.

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