This Clip Will Make You Want to Own a Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe (Again)

I don’t need to watch it, then,” you’ll say, since you would already like to have this car parked in front of your house, with the keys on the counter at the entrance.
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Rest assured, you’re not alone. But it’s always nice to be reminded why exactly it is that you’ve made this mental choice, and even more so when it’s done with a simple but very good story told in less than 30 seconds. And then there are those action shots of the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupé that are worth all the money in the world. Even though they’re free.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that this car is aimed primarily at boys. I would have said “men,” but who are we kidding? No matter your age, it’s always the little boy inside that wins the argument when somebody makes a deposit on a car like this.

So don’t call it sexist. It’s just like the laundry detergent ads - we too buy the stuff, but we’re not the core target so we’re less important. Maybe, one day, we will get to see a man using the washing machine and a woman hooning an AMG car (preferably in two separate clips), but that day isn’t here yet.

The people who came up with this concept are well aware of the little boy inside us, the one that never grows up, and has a say in all our decisions throughout the length of our lives. And he’s a pretty dangerous fella. He’s the guy that usually initiates the statements beginning with “what if...?”

What if I drunk called my ex?” “What if poured Mentos into my Coke?” “What if I tried a powerslide in that bend over there?” “What if I started base jumping?What if I got a tarantula for a pet?” You know him, he’s there, waiting for your grown-upism to let its guard down and then strike.

Well, Mercedes-AMG is telling you to ease off on suppressing the little guy and allow him to have a bigger say in your life. Why? Well, besides the obvious fact we’ve already established - he’s the only one who can get you to buy their cars - Mercedes also thinks he allows you to evolve. And, you know what, it might be right. Whenever you’re stuck in a lousy relationship or at a crappy job, it’s not the risk-analyzing mature side of you that takes the decision to break out. Nope, it’s the little fella who’s finally had enough.

Wow, OK, I’ll stop. If watching a few seconds of a kid jumping off hay ballots with plywood wings and a car sliding around some industrial scenery got me thinking about this, imagine what it must be like if we watched a philosophical movie together.

And the making of:

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