This BMW i3 Can Be Controlled with Brain Waves

BMW i3 with mind control 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
So you thought that autonomous cars that drive themselves on the road are pretty awesome, huh? How about a car that can be controlled using just your thoughts? Rubbish? We beg to differ.
The guys from Money Super Market invested a hefty amount of cash and research into one particular project that aimed at creating a car that could be controlled with the power of thought.

Just two days ago they published a video of that car in real life, being driven by a woman just by thinking of various inputs. It was all part of their Epic Mind Drive experiment and it’s absolutely awesome.

The car used was a BMW i3 that was fitted with special gear that is capable of turning the wheel, accelerating and braking. All the commands would come in via brain waves interpreted by a simple electroencephalography headset or EEG for short. Don’t think it was easy getting here though.

Apart from needing the hardware to actually read brainwaves, the company also had to train the driver to issue commands in this way. Basically, instead of thinking about the movements and actions she had to associate a specific mental image with each command.

The second video posted below explains some of the mechanics behind this experiment and how it was all done. It’s quite impressive and challenging too.

In the future, this kind of tech could be used on a wider scale but in the meantime, it is employed to prove a point in an insurance marketing campaign. We like it nonetheless.

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